Copyright inquiries

For all copyright and inquiries about copyright, publications or other usage for the books, films, plays and other publications created by RJ Minney, please write to or by post to:

RJ Minney Literary Estate
Horn’s House
Witton Gilbert
DH7 6TT,
United Kingdom

tel: +44 7768 318738.


4 thoughts on “Copyright inquiries”

    1. Dear Dr David Edbrooke, thanks for a fascinating idea. Its a very memorable story with so much passion and courage. Have you taken the idea forward at all? Best regards, Tom

  1. Hello, I am an undergraduate student located in the United States. I am looking to procure a copy of Clive of India, if possible. Please let me know if you could assist me with this.

    1. Hi Nikita Chinamanthur, sorry to be so slow about the reply. I suggest you look for second hand copies on Amazon or e-Bay, there are usually quite a few for sale. Thanks for your interest in a rousing and lively history of a key period and individual. Best wishes, Tom

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