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RJ Minney - from flyleaf of 1951 novel "The Governors' Lady"
RJ Minney – from flyleaf of 1951 novel “The Governors’ Lady”

This is the official RJ Minney website. It is run by his grandchildren to promote RJ’s great legacy of exciting, informative, historical and readable books, and many other works including films, articles and plays.

Rubeigh James Minney was a prominent author, journalist, editor and film writer and producer. His books include Carve Her Name with Pride about brave secret agent Violette Szabo and later turned into a famous; Clive of India; holocaust memoir I shall fear no evil: The story of Dr Alina Brewda; and Chaplin – The Immortal Tramp.

This website aims to pull together details and pictures about RJ Minney’s remarkable life and career, including as the author of over 40 books; film-maker and film producer in the leading British and US film companies; writer of many successful plays; and editor and journalist for many leading newspapers including through World War II. He was also a Labour Party candidate and standing against Edward Heath in the Conservative Bexley constituency in 1955. This website is put together by his grandchildren.

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